The following  photographs were taken on Sunday, 5/2/04.   Note the use of a single boom and three absorbent sheets, which are inadequate to abate the negative impacts on the immediate and surrounding marine ecosystem.   Note the oil sheen on the water and the floating particles escaping the boomed area. The particles are moving under the boom and out to sea.   The presence of only a single boom and three absorbent sheets suggest these measures are meant to save Island Recycling Inc. money, and provide a small visual so it looks like they are doing something, rather than making a true effort to prevent damage to the surrounding ecosystem. The Lingle and Harris Administrations leave a lot to be desired when it comes to protecting the health of the people and the environment of this state.   Even after warning them about the poor conditions of the IRI facility and the occurrence of the fire they both have engaged in an apologetic campaign instead of prosecuting IRI for the violations and other noncompliant issues relating to its operations.