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Dog Purchase

(A diary of my contact with a man selling dog meat, with pictures of dogs for sale)  



(An undercover video, purchasing Koko from dealer)




Pictures of dog pens on property in Waianae










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A Message from Carroll Cox, President of EnviroWatch, Inc.:


Here in Hawaii, it is currently legal to kill dogs, slaughter them, and eat them, as long as the dogs are killed in a "humane manner".  Working on a tip from a community member, I uncovered the facts and documented the dog meat trade on Oahu. (see link to Dog Purchase at left).   Using audio and video taping, I gathered substantial evidence documenting how dogs are purchased for slaughter and the conditions where they are held prior to killing, how the dogs are slaughtered ("processed"), who the meat is sold to, and how much it costs.


For example, posing as a potential buyer I found that:


1.  If multiple dogs are purchased, a price discount is offered.  If only one dog is purchased, the charge is $150.  If four dogs are purchased, the price can be reduced to $100 per dog.


2.  The charge for slaughtering can run about $35 per dog.


3.  Persons involved in the dog meat trade purchase dogs from anyone,

including drug addicts.


4.  Some of these dogs were family pets, and have been stolen from their family home.


5.  Dogs are kept in unclean pens and are subjected to cruelty prior to



According to the Hawaiian Humane Society, people can kill dogs ("backyard slaughters") as long as it is for personal consumption, that is, eating the meat with your family.  It is not against the law, as long as the dog's death is "quick and painless".


My question to you is:  Do you believe it is right to kill and eat dogs?


I believe it is wrong.  Morally and ethically wrong.  If you agree, will you join us in our effort to pass legislation making it illegal to kill and eat companion animals in the State of Hawaii?


The dog on our front page, and shown in the below photo, is named Koko.  In Hawaiian, Koko means "blood".  This beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate animal would have been someone's dinner by now, had I not rescued him.


How important is it for you to become involved?  It is critical.


There will be no changes without help from citizens like you.  So right now, please take the following steps:



Sign our online petition supporting legislation banning the eating, sale, purchase, possession, trade, bartering, receipt or, giving of dog or cat meat in the state of Hawaii.


1.  Contact your State Senator and Representative, and tell them you want legislation to be passed making it illegal to kill and eat dogs and cats.


2.  Send a donation to EnviroWatch, Inc., so that we can continue our

investigations and educate the public about this problem.


Only with your help and support will we be able to rid our island paradise of the cruel practice of slaughtering companion animals for food consumption.




Carroll Cox 





LINK TO:  Article in The Honolulu Advertiser


LINK TO: Article in The Star Bulletin




Koko was purchased for one-hundred dollars from a man in Waianae, Hawaii, who offered to sell and butcher KOKO and other dogs for human consumption.

Only with your support and tax-exempt donations will we be able to rid our Island Paradise of the cruel practice of slaughtering companion animals for food consumption.

Donations or letters may be sent to EnviroWatch, Inc.,  P.O. Box 89-3062,  Mililani, HI  96789,  C/O  KOKO