1)  DOH RPT - The Toxic Spill at NELHA

2)  SLHHRA   -     RISK ANALYSIS     A Study for a solid waste managment permit  to dump toxic waste at Honolulu International Airport


DOH Rpt - Toxic Spill at NELHA Table of Contents
Title page
P2 - Facility Description
P3 - Description of Operations
P4 - Outfall System
P5 - Observations
P6 - Observations cont.
P7 - Sampling
P8 - Follow Up to Inspection
P9 Conclusion
P10 - Conclusion cont.
P11 - Termination of Permit.
SLHHRA - Risk Analysis for Toxic Dump  at Airport Table of Contents
Belt Collin  cover letter 
P1 - Introduction and Description of Sources
P2 - Transportation & Processing and Contaminants of Concern
P3 - List of Contaminants
P4 - List, con't
P5 - List, con't 
P6 - Site Model, Sources, Pathways
P7 - Pathways, con't
P8 - Receptors
P9 - Conclusion, Screening Level
P10 - Health Risks
P11 - Cancer Risks
P12 - Cancer Risks
P13 - Conclusion
P14 - Diagram