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E. coqui E. martinicensis E. planirostris

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Frog Identification:       

  • E. coqui:  Up to 52 mm (2"0 in length; brown or gray-brown with variable patterns including light mid-dorsal strip, dorsal chevrons, dark suprascapular W's, or unicolor.  Call a two-note, high-pitched "co-qui".
  • E. martinicensis:  Up to 47 mm (2") in length; appearance variable and similar to E. coqui, from which it is distinquished by size of to pads, angularity of snout, and cal.  Call a short single rising note.
  • E. planirostris; Up to 36 mm (1.5" in length; mottled brown and tan, or brown with a mid-dorsal tan stripe.  Call a diffuse series of irregularly pitched chirps or twitters.        

Where they have been seen:

Species Known Location in Hawaii Native Range Native Habitat
Eleutherodactylus coqui Maui (3 sites), Big Island (2 sites); nurseries and surrounding forest, residential areas, hotels Puerto Rico
mesic and rain forest
0-100m (3900') elev
E. martincensis Maui (2 sites); in nursery, residential area and surrounding forest
Lesser Antilles
dry, mesic, and rain forest, 0-770m (2500') elev
E. planirostris Big Island (3 sites), Oahu (1 site), nuseries and adjacent ohia scrub, residential areas Cuba, Bahamas, Caymans dry and mesic forest, 0-610m (2000') elev
E. sp. indet. (E. coqui or E. martincensis) Maui (4 sites), hotels and residential areas    

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