Hawaii District Court Judge Ezra recently ruled that longliners need to reduce their  fishing activities, hire observers and otherwise be more responsible for their activities and surroundings.  Needless to say, the longliners are not happy and are attempting to have  Judge Ezra reconsider his order.

The  pictures on the attached pages may not be suitable to the faint of heart.  The purpose of posting them is to combat the media blitz and other distractions planned by the Western Pacific Regional Management Fisheries Council, a group of longline fishermen and fish dealers,  and their newly obtained public relations firm.  They are busy trying  to distract us from  the real  issue -  the negative impact longlines are having on our endangered and protected species.  

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  If you want to voice your opinion to Judge Ezra you may write  him at:

Chief Judge David Alan Ezra 
U.S. District Court 
Prince Kuhio Federal Building
300 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI  96816
Phone:  808-541-1907